K-Opticom provides a broad range of services, such as network services for consumer, solutions for companies, cell phone and electric power retailing.

Network services

for consumer

We provide information infrastructure, such as the Internet, telephone and TV services, to general households in six prefectures in the Kansai region.
(Kansai region includes the prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Wakayama, Shiga and Nara.)

  •  Internet
  • Telephone
  • TV

More than 1,625,000 households are using K-Opticom’s services

First offered in 2001, our services in 2016 were used by more than 1,625,000 households in six prefectures in the Kansai region.

1.62 million users kansai region more than 9 million households (2016)

As a broadcaster, K-Opticom produces and broadcasts Kansai-based programs

We broadcast Kansai-based news, variety, history, travel, and gourmet programs for households through our own TV channel.


For companies

Our corporate services cover a broad range of clients, from major companies to SOHOs.
K-Opticom proposes suitable network solutions from its wide variety of services, such as Internet connection, as well as VPN, mobile, IP telephone, cloud, and data center services, in response to clients’ demands.

major companies / SOHOs

Robust and reliable data center services

K-Opticom provides not only network services, but also data center services to companies. Our services are used by clients in both Japan and overseas countries for their hosting operations and business continuity planning (BCP) systems.

reliable data center

Cell phone services

We started providing cell phone services as an MVNO in 2014.
Under the concept, “providing all and only what you need,” users can freely choose their desired service among data communication, voice communication, and smart phone options.


Electric power retailing service

We began our electricity retail business on April 1, 2016.

Adding to the current service to home, network, telephone, and television broadcast, we provide electric power retailing service. Discount is available by the bundled service. We will make your life more convenience and comfortable having more connection to your life.

electricity retail business